Sunday, 14 July 2013


So yesterday as part of an extended birthday ~celebration~ I went to London with my family. Firstly we went up the shard (tallest building in western europe apparently?) which my mom booked as she was adamant we were all going! Here's a few pictures from the day (no outfit posts woops) including me and my sister doing an obligatory 'mom forcing us to pose for a picture' pose!

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We ended up walking for pretty much all of it - going to Covent Garden, Oxford/regent st, Hyde Park (Where the Hard Rock cafe is), Carnaby st etc!

The last place we went to was the Hard Rock - personally one of my favourite place to eat although I hadn't been to the London one before. I love looking at all the merchandise around and listening to (mostly) good music (some is dubiously 'hard rock')

Overall it was a really good day but I am so tired from having to get up early and walking around so much!


  1. Pretty pictures, London is such a nice city!

  2. love the photos! london is amazing :) your hair is beautfiul x

  3. Hard Rock is also one of my favorite places.
    London looks so amazing. Love the pics. Hopefully I'll visit soon.